Training & Certification

“EcorpMedia cut training time down by one-third.  Their process and cycle time surpassed previous documentation solutions.”

Eric Johnson , Product Manager , KLA-Tencor.

Assembly & Service Training

Building quality checks and measures into your assembly documentation saves expensive rework once your final product is delivered.  We know how much it costs to deploy elite Tiger teams to solve critical issues in the field.  We’ve learned over the years the best way to build customer confidence is to deliver equipment that works.  Our customers embrace the cost of World Class Documentation because its been proven time after time that the cost of fixing a problem in the field exceeds documentation costs. World Class Documentation shortens product to market life cycle.  Avoid customer frustration, defective material costs, travel costs (experts away from home base) and other short comings by leveraging EcorpMedia to produce your Assembly and Service Training documentation.

Computer Based Training

Today’s dynamic corporate environment is competitive and unforgiving.  This is why it’s essential that employees maintain their knowledge edge.  Whether it’s product knowledge, explanation of services, software training, HR and legal issues, interactive reference manuals, or company policies and procedures… Computer Based Training (CBT) is the most effective and cost-efficient method to impart knowledge with 24/7 availability.  EcorpMedia provides CBT to companies of all sizes in all industries.


HyperVideoâ„¢ is one of EcorpMedia’s trademarked services that combines text, audio, digital video, images, animated graphics, PowerPoint slides and professional narration to create the most effective and powerful training tool available.  Reduce training time and increase employee retention using HyperVideoâ„¢ as an interactive multimedia tool.  With a custom index, table of contents, or lesson plan, specific digital video segments may be accessed with a simple click.  This is a commanding tool for assembly procedures, engineering transfer of information, corporate communication, field repair procedures, retrofits and upgrades to existing products.  HyperVideoâ„¢ reduces training costs by allowing your staff to quickly select pertinent information on demand.

Certification Programs

Our developers are highly trained and can develop a certification program designed around your company-wide requirements.  Workforce accountability is one of the major issues we look to solve through our programming.  Certification is a powerful strategy independently tracking your employees’ abilities and knowledge base to ensure workflow results and product quality.  Test results can be automatically routed to Management and Human Resource personnel.