Corporate Communication

“The Global Security Training DVD EcorpMedia produced for us quickly enhanced our world-wide company security awareness.  We already realize large returns on our investment due to enormous cost savings and condensed training time.”

—- Greg Acton , Global Security Manager , Lam Research Corporation.

New Product Introduction

Informing your personnel about new products is always exciting.  EcorpMedia can spread that excitement company-wide with narrative videos, photos, animation and tools to showcase your new product.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and the more informed your people are on the new product the more they will talk about it to potential customers.

HR Compliance & Certification

Managing company-wide compliance can be a difficult and daunting task if not done correctly.  We have the ability to create “Compliance & Certification” programs that will meet Federal and Corporate standards.  By using videos, photos and computer based training we create a certification program that is fun and enjoyable for your personnel.  The retention of information is at a higher level when we use interactive tools with our programs.  These programs can also test, score and deliver results to management for accurate measuring.  Certification programs can be designed specifically around your needs and requirements for any field and level of employment.

Corporate HR Benefits Update

Company benefits are changing constantly.  Most companies send out mailers and emails to employees to keep them current with changes, however, not everyone reads the emails or mailers.  An interactive computer based training program not only informs about the changes, it also scores the retention of the information with simple questions and interactive tools that compel the recipient to be involved with the learning program.  Employees today are disgruntled with constant benefits changes and their lack of knowledge of the changes.  This is something we will correct.

Corporate Events

Whether you are planning a staff appreciation meeting, family day, fundraiser, holiday party or black tie event, EcorpMedia can record and document it all.  Corporate events are held to build energy around new initiatives, to celebrate the achievements of the year, to provide moments of ice-breaking and fellowship among teams.  We edit the recording of the event to showcase the highlights and prepare it to be sent company-wide.  This maintains the enthusiasm and motivation allowing everyone to be involved in the recognition of a job well done.