“EcorpMedia was the first company to implement QuickTime technology into shop floor assembly training and documentation.  Michael Shay, co-founder of EcorpMedia, was the first to demonstrate the effectiveness of “video on demand” to our manufacturing customers and we thank him.  Michael conducted proof of concept programs on the shop floor at Siemens during alpha stages of QT product development before QT was named he was using our introductory video compression technology, code named: Road Pizza.  His enthusiasm for this new technology was a beauty to behold!”

—- Allen F., Apple Computer, QuickTime Development Team


Since 1993, EcorpMedia has offered solutions that focus on solving clients’ problems using innovative technology. Whether it’s Process Documentation, Web-based Training, or Corporate Communications… our highly trained consultants assess, execute and deliver results.  Today, after 22 years, our approach remains unchanged.  New look, new ideas…  but the same commitment to our clients remains in place offering them the most advanced, proven technologies available.


We are interested in your operation.  If you had a magic wand what would you do to streamline product life cycle? Have you ever used computer based training? How do you hold your technical work force accountable for their knowledge and task performance?  Do you use certification programs?  What methods are you using to implement refresher training?  Is your documentation effective?  How do defective products affect your profit margin?